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Seventeen departments in five Areas of study, the dreams are infinite


IT and computer related fields involve broad areas of study. These areas are related to each other and the structure changes time to time.

Most universities do not allow students to study courses outside of their majors. At KCG, a student can expose themselves to other program courses regardless of their field of study.


Covers Every Areas

Areas of KCG cover all computer related fields. You can find your dream for sure.

Beginners can rely on

Everybody is a beginner when you start. At KCG, you can learn step by step from the beginning so that you gain your ability without difficulty.

“Project Exercise” will train you with integrated skills

At KCG, project based training is introduced in every year level.

Students can obtain critical skills as a member of society such as communication ability and team works by working together in the project.

“Advanced Diploma” can be obtained

You can obtain “Advanced Diploma” when graduating from 4-year programs. “Diploma” from 3-year and 2-year programs except evening-part-time program.