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Art & Design

To become a creator or a designer with production skills of latest technology

Learn the latest technology as well as fundamentals of art.
Advantageous for job hunting with digital skills after graduation.

Learn information technology that supports digitalization of art works.

Computer technology has progressed as a tool to express emotion and sensitivity. It became general that art works are created by digital tools, and conveyed by new media such as the Internet. As digital tools become popular, the digital content industry is expanding, and highly skilled creators are expected now in society. It is important to have computer skills in order to play an active role in the field of art and designing.

To play central role in digital art in next generation

In our art and design area, students will have advice from creators and designers in the front line. From the advice students will learn not only skills but also spirits and philosophy. Students can learn computer skills required in enterprises, so it will be beneficial to students to get jobs compare to general art universities. Students are expected to play important role in digital art industry.


To become the art director who leads the industry

In addition to pursuing the possibilities of digital art, we foster competent person to become the art director who has management skills and planning ability to lead the project to success.


To become the creator or designer with creativity and proposal ability

We foster competent person who has high skill for production and consulting that fill the gap between a creator and a client, as well as highly skilled concept making ability and presentation ability.


To become a creator or a designer who support the digital art industry

We foster competent person who has skills for software to create artworks and ability to continue for creative activity with fundamental knowledge and skills about color and art.


Subjects to study

Many advertisements and various digital contents such as Computer Graphics, Movie, Web, and publication have been created through digital tools. In KCG’s Art & Digital area, we foster competent person who has practical skills for digital tools as well as fundamental knowledge and skills of art and concept making ability.