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Business & Management
Business and Management Area

To become a business person who creates a new trend with IT

Obtain various IT licenses, and acquire practical business skills. Innovate business by IT, and play an active role in front line

IT, essential tool for Business

Nowadays, almost all business has connection with IT. Many enterprises use information systems, so it is very important to use such systems effectively to compete with others. IT is essential for many business process such as sales, processing, management, trading and problem solving. The demand for person who has practical computer skills are increasing among enterprises.

Licenses that prove business skills

It is very appealing that students have some licenses that can get from bookkeeping examination, business ability examination, IT Passport Examination, Microsoft Certified Programs and SAP certified programs for consultant when students are job hunting. In our Business & Management area, we have classes to prepare for these qualifying exams, and support students to get such licenses.

Business and Management Informatics Program

To become a consultant who leads business by proposing optimum information systems

Students will learn business knowledge including each industry’s domain knowledge and analytical method about income, as well as information and communication technology for utilizing such technology to become a leader. We foster competent person with knowledge about production management and customer relationship management so that they will be able to propose and to design optimal information systems between different sections in enterprises as an IT consultant or a project manager.

Target Occupation
Business and Management Informatics Program
Business IT Program

To become a successful businessperson with computer skills and well trained business manner.

Students will learn about the office tools such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Access as well as accounting, business manner and communication skills. We foster students to become a successful business person who have knowledge about basic business knowledge. They will play active role in any situation.

Target Occupation
Business IT Program

Subjects to Study

It is necessary to use computers in advanced level and to understand about ICT to become a successful business person in today’s advanced information society. At KCG, we foster human resources with good judgment and deep insight to accelerate business through computer skills and business knowledge.