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Digital Game & Amusement

To become a game creator who creates new generation game

Learn basics of programming, game planning and design. Develop original games by studying cutting edge technology.

Significant growth in Game industry

The technology for developing game programs is rapidly progressing. In any genre, technology such as realistic 3D CG and network technology for multiple players are essential. Also, an inspiration may produce the new style of games like Nintendo Wii. Surrounded by the rapidly changing environment, the game industry expects human resource who has a variety of skills.

Many graduates play active role as a game creator

Currently, many graduates play active role in large game production enterprises. There are graduates who started their own business in game industry. In this field of study, not only game development skills but also IT and computer technology knowledge can be learned. Also, by making games in a group, students can learn how to work in a group and manage the schedule, so they can play an active role not only in the game industry but also various fields after graduation.

To become a leader of game production in the next generation

We foster competent person to become a general director or a technical director who leads production team with leadership as well as knowledge of programming and technical skills.

To become a game creator who has cutting edge skills

We foster competent person to become a game programmer who creates 3D games and online games with high level skills, or to become a game planner who designs games from a broad viewpoint to entertain players.

To become a creator with steady knowledge about game development

Student will learn about C++ language, graphic design, game scenario and rule designing. We foster competent person who plays active role with director’s supervision as a game planner, a game programmer, or a development assistant.

Subjects to Study

Computer games are accepted by the people in a wide range of generation as a central part of entertainment. At KCG, we foster competent person with skills about game development as well as IT skills to become a creator who expands the potential of games in the next generation.