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e-learning is a new study method that uses information communication technologies such as networks and computers, which is an essential educational tool for educational institutions of the 21st century.

KCG is the pioneer having introduced the latest e-learning system and holds a wide range of class on e-learning basis. This allows us to offer student-oriented learning style more effective than ever before and to be responsive to educational needs of the students.

■Fully Equipped with the State-of-the-Art e-learning Studio

Kyoto Ekimae Campus has an e-learning studio equipped with the state-of-the-art facility. This studio has a synchronous remote lecturing system and lecture recording system. Through this e-learning studio, KCG creates and distributes the latest, high-quality e-learning class contents to provide students with diverse educational opportunities.

■KCG’s Unique e-learning Style

e-learning classes at KCG offer ingenious methods so that the students can learn at their own pace. Also, both advantage of e-learning and in-person classes, that is, the flexibility and the directness, can be combined. Being the forerunner of the IT education, KCG allows students to use IT for their effective learning.

What KCG e-learning Offers
■Synchronous e-learning
  • It connects between Rakuhoku, Kamogawa and Kyoto Ekimae campuses and The Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics, allowing students to take classes in real time without moving to other campus.
  • It allows students to directly ask questions to the lecturer.
  • It allows students to review at home as the lectures are automatically recorded and saved in the server.
■Asynchronous e-learning
  • It enables students to learn at any time and place of their choice, allowing them to do other studies, club activities, hobbies and part-time jobs.
  • It allows students to repeatedly listen to parts that they did not understand at first. Also exercises allow them to check their understanding of the topic.
  • With BBS (bulletin board) and email, students can hold question and answer sessions and share their opinions.
  • Students can visit the instructor during their office hours and directly ask questions or ask for guidance.
  • It allows instructors to know students’ individual performance by viewing their access to class contents, assignment submission, and quiz scores, enabling them to provide more personal guidance.
  • Schooling (classes in-person) are held when necessary to deepen communication between the instructor and student and promote effective learning.
e-learning system
The State-of-the-Art Learning System, KING-LMS, Provides 24-hour Support for Study
Study any time and place with the Internet

We are well into the broadband era in this ubiquitous-computing society, which allows us to access any information needed any time and by anyone. Having foreseen the advent of such era, KCG was the first one in Japan to adopt the unique LMS, Learning Management System and had it renewed to KING-LMS in 2010.

This system allows students to learn any subject at any time and place. This is the state-of-the-art learning system which plays a major role in putting student-oriented education into practice.

Learning with KING-LMS
  • Students can access from their individual pages to digitalized class materials. Not only from the school, but also from home or other places, it allows students to learn at any time on the Internet.
  • It enables students to preview or review the material, submit their assignments and communicate with other students and professors on BBS (a bulletin board) to ask questions or share opinions.
  • If students want to, they can self-study subjects openly available in other departments to satisfy their interests or needs.
  • Through KING-LMS, students can view announcements from school. Contents can be automatically forwarded to their cell phones.
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