Contributions to KCG Museum are always welcome

In Japan, used computers are usually disposed. Especially, most of early mainframe computers which required major system development were wasted.
There are only a few facilities in Japan that preserve and exhibit those historically valuable computers as references.

Since Kyoto Computer Gakuin as Japan’s first computer education institute was founded in 1963, we have been preserving historical mainframe computers, personal computer and peripherals.
We strongly think that computers which were developed by forerunner's endeavor and used to train engineers who were in step with the time should be treasured and inherited to next generations.
It is very important to leave every developer's wisdom and spirits of engineers who actually used those computers. We strongly consider that it is one of a mission of KCG.
In 1998, KCG established a computer museum (KCG Computer Museum) on campus.

Many valuable computers are on exhibit including office computer TOSBAC 1100 and early 1970’s TOSBAC-3400C.  And IBM370, UNIVAC 1100 and UNISYS 2200 which were used all over the world from 1970’s to 1980’s are also exhibited with documents of those days. Successive personal computers such as SHARP MZ and related documents are also open to public.
Further, we would like to continuously maintain and enhance our museum.

If you own any historically valuable computers or related documents (catalogs, manuals, pictures), we would appreciate it if you would donate to the KCG Computer Museum.

At the same time, we would like to ask your contributions to maintain and manage computer museum. We make a permanent record of donor’s name.

We appreciate your understanding and contribution.


Reference : Accumu (school journal) Vol.9  “Birth of new high speed computer – Memory of development of TOSBAC-3400”  (Japanese Only)

Accumu website :http://www.accumu.jp/index.html

01. ご寄贈の方法について

Please contact KCG general affairs office if you have valuabl computer or related documents to donate.

Contact KCG General Affairs Office
  1-Jyodoji banba-cho sakyo-ku kyoto-shi, kyoto Japan 606-8412
  E-mail : general@kcg.ac.jp


02. ご寄付の方法について 

To make donations to KCG Computer Museum, please inform KCG General Affairs Office your name, address, phone number, amount to donate by e-mail (general@kcg.ac.jp).
Please wire transfer the amount to the bank account below. Receipts will be issued after payment is confirmed.

Indivisual 3,000 yen (Single unit of donation)
Corporation 20,000 yen (Single unit of donation)
Bank for transfer Resona Bank, Limited. Kyoto branch (branch code : 501)
Account number Ordinary Account 1607403
Account holder Kyoto Computer Gakuin Kyoiku shinko bokinn iinkai
*The deflection including fee does a wish at customer load.